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Why do I sleep so hot?

Why do I sleep so hot?
Bethany G.

Great question Bethany. There are so many reasons why people have issues sleeping hot. I’ll discuss a few common causes here. These of course will not cover the full scope of why people sleep hot. Some people sleep hot because of medical conditions. What I will be addressing are the simple quick fix things that can make a huge difference providing there is not some underlying health concern involved.

Get a Breathable Mattress.
Believe it or not the style of mattress you sleep on can make a big difference in how warm or cool you sleep. Mattresses use different types of foams and fabrics that can either make or break you as far as sleeping hot is concerned. The best recommendation I can make is to get a mattress with cotton and wool coverings. Most mattresses have an abundance of poly fiber knit covers. Poly fiber will trap the heat of your body and cause the sleeping surface to stay at a less than optimal temp. Cotton, wool and Bamboo are the heavy hitters if you want a more breathable cover to let your body heat flow through. Foams are also made of poly material and will trap heat. Using soy based foam and airflow memory foam, you can increase the breathability of your mattress considerably. This might be all you need to fix your problem. I will list some brands that use the type of materials I have suggested. MagniFlex, Hastens, Vi Spring, Engalnder Resort Collection, Jamison Bedding, Schiffman, Stearns and Foster to name a few.

Upgrade your Bedding
Sheets, Mattress pads and Protectors can also be a major factor in how cool or hot your mattress is. When shopping for any bedding you should pay close attention to thread count and what threads and fibers are being used. Don’t go cheap! If you invest in high quality bedding you will reap the benefits for sure. 100% cotton is always a safe bet. You don’t have to get crazy with the thread count but a good range between 400TC and 800TC should do the trick. Stay away from poly fiber sheets. They tent to hold heat.

Try an Adjustable base
You are probably wondering why an adjustable base for your mattress has anything to do with sleeping temperature right? Well studies have shown that when your body is in an elevated position you are more likely to slow your heart rate which will cool your body down. I have seen several people improve their sleeping situation tremendously by adding an adjustable base system to the equation.
I really hope that this blog has given you some food for thought. Thanks again for submitting to my blog. Sleep cool 😊

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