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Why can’t I sleep?!

Can't Sleep

Ginger H.

Thanks Ginger for the great question on an extremely important topic. While I don’t have all of the answers, I can help by listing the top 5 sleep inhibitors that rob you of your right to getting the restorative sleep you deserve. To make this easy I will list below the top 5 inhibitors and you can see if any of these pertain to your current situation.


While caffeine in moderation is not terrible, it can cause issues with you sleep cycle if consumed too close to bed time. Consider having your fix several hours before bed so you can decrease the likely hood of it having negative effects on your R.E.M sleep.


More and more people these days are having personal sleep studies done because of lack of healthy sleep. What many Americans have found is that they suffer from a condition that blocks the airways while sleeping called Sleep APNEA. This will in fact disrupt your sleep and may cause other severe health problems. If you think that you could have this condition you may want to visit a sleep specialist ASAP.


If you are accustomed to having a little night cap before you retire, you might reconsider. Studies have shown that while alcohol can aid in helping you fall asleep, it has very negative effects on staying asleep. It can interrupt your whole REM sleep cycle. Just like the coffee, you should consider refraining from alcohol use too close too bed time.

Too Much Smart Phone & T.V

Believe it or not, your very own smart phone might be disrupting your sleep. T.V also has the same effect. Too much stimulation before bed may cause you to have a hard time winding down which is vital in getting comfortable enough to fall asleep. Do yourself a big favor and put the smartphone and T.V to bed. Pun intended. You will do much better to just relax and let your mind quiet itself in the natural process of going into REM sleep.

Old Worn Out Mattress

You knew it was coming. Lol. How could we discuss sleep inhibitors without mentioning a key component in getting the best sleep of your life? Your worn out crusty old mattress could be the only thing standing between you and that heavenly bed situation you are after. Working in this industry for many years has been an interesting experience. I have seen the simple act of purchasing a new quality sleep system change thousands of lives. That is the type of thing that will get you excited to get up in the morning and start the day. I have found that when a person realizes that a mattress is not a want but rather a Need Indeed, they start to take the process of selecting the right one seriously. If you have no idea where to even start, I will list below what I have found to be the absolute best quality mattress companies.

Tempur-Pedic, Sealy Posturepedic, Stearns and Foster, Englander Resort and Hotel Collection, Jamison Marriott Mattress, Wellsville Malouf, Hastens mattress, Vi Spring, E.S. Kluft, Duxianna, Easman, and Magniflex. (Some of these are not available in the U.S)

The best way to stat is to find a local Mattress Gallery and speak with a sleep consultant. If you are in the Nashville area I suggest Mattress Gallery Direct. They service Murfreesboro, Smyrna, Antioch, Manchester, Woodbury, Franklin, Brentwood, Coolsprings, Greenhills, Thompson Station, Spring Hill, Columbia and several others in Middle Tennessee. I hope this was of great help to you. Thank you Ginger for participation if my blog. Good day and hopefully good night.

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One thought on “Why can’t I sleep?!
  1. Mattress Gallery Direct

    Very informative! This is a great introduction to help pin point what could be causing sleep issues. As a Specialty bedding store we certainly see a lot of what you’ve described robbing people from getting a good nights rest. We love helping people improve their sleeping situation. A great mattress combined with helpful sleep tips such as these truly can transform the whole sleep experience. Thanks for helping us educate our customers. 🙂


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