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When is the best time to buy a new mattress?

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Tammy J.

Ah, the age old question that has intrigued consumers for years. Mattresses are not cheap and it stands to reason that purchasing at the right time can be beneficial on a budget.

My recommendation is to buy right when the need arises. You might think to yourself “but what if I overpay?” I believe it is impossible to overpay for a great mattress. If you are in need of a new mattress it is obvious that your sleep is suffering every night that you are not getting that ideal comfort and support. Waiting for a great sale might save you a few hundred bucks. However you will be paying for those savings with lost sleep and compromised support.

With that said if you have found the best place to buy a mattress and you happen to be close to a holiday, you can generally save some money. Below is a list of holiday mattress sales to look for.

Memorial Day Sale, Labor Day Sale, 4th of July Sale, Presidents Day Sale, End of the Year Colseout Mattress specials and Black Friday Mattress Sales.

Here are some companies that usually offer good savings around holidays.

Sealy, Posturpedic, Beautyrest, Simmons Beautysleep, Tempur-Pedic, Stearns and Foster, Jamison, Leggett and Platt, Serta Perfect Sleeper, I Comfort and I Series.

Jay Franze

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4 thoughts on “When is the best time to buy a new mattress?
  1. Rebecca W.

    Great blog! I totally agree. My mattress was killing my back and I was waiting around for the Tempur pedic cloud breeze to go on sale. Finally my chiropractor told me to do something as soon as possible. I went ahead and bought my new mattress and it immediately helped my back, neck and hip. I was waiting to save a few hundred dollars and was paying dearly at night with aches and pains. I also bought a gel memory foam pillow that is amazing. If you are interested in savings I know the sales guy I talked to said that some big savings would be going on the week leading up to the Memorial Day sale.

  2. Fiona G.

    This is good info to consider. Fortunately I was able to get in during the pre Memorial Day mattress sale here. I bought a sealy hybrid pillow top for my room. I also got a great deal on a latex Jamison mattress for my nephew that lives with me. I have had back problems and neck pain for years due to a accident and never new how much buying a new mattress could help. I slept on a mattress at the Hilton hotel in D.C and got the most amazing nights rest. One week later I went to Mattress Gallery Direct and bought the same kind of posturepedic bed that was in the hotel. I am going back next week to buy one of those gel memory foam pillows.

  3. Kevin H.

    Enjoyed the article! I read this shortly before I went to a mattress store in Murfreesboro tn. and bought my Tempurpedic legacy mattress. I have slept better than ever lately and I believe it is because of my new mattress and box spring. Once I found the best mattress store with the biggest selection I decided to bite the bullet and go for it with no regrets. 😀

  4. Glenda A.

    Spot on! I think savings are great and all but if you are in need of a mattress now is the time. Sleep is so important and every night without REM sleep you are paying with your health. I wish I would have thought like this when I was younger and use to get about 4 hrs of sleep per night on whatever mattress I had. Now I make sure that if my mattress is losing support I change it right away. Money aside I can’t afford at my age to loose sleep.


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